Virtual Drawing Session organised by Pasa Pucha: Guthi South East UK

London – A virtual Learning Drawing Techniques was organised by Pasa Pucha: Guthi South East UK on Saturday 6 March 2021. At the start the General Secretary Mr Nagendra Shrestha welcomed all 41, 7 to 12 years old young artist with a greetings Namaste and everyone were so excited, they kept repeating Namaste with him. He mentioned that it’s an excellent and fantastic drawing session being run by 10 years old Anshu Suwal. In addition about 10 parents, Fine Art teacher and artist Miss Rupa Maharjan live from Kathmandu, our First Patron Mr Kumar Shrestha, President of England State Coordination Council, NRNA UK Mr Deepak Shrestha, President of PPG Reading branch Miss Janaki Kayastha and PPGSELUK Immediate Past President Mr Sushil Prajapati were at attendance.

Chairman Mr Madhav Lal Shrestha thanked everyone in participation and organiser PPGSELUK Sports Coordinator Mr Ishwor Maharjan and Executive Committee Member Mrs Anju Suwal and special star of the day Anshu Suwal and wished them all the luck.

The Fine Art teacher and artist from Kathmandu, who is a art teacher to Anshu as well, wished everyone best of luck and enjoy the day.

10 years old Anshu started his lesson showing his beautiful arts and giving introduction. He then started drawing a 3D house, showing them every step by step. After about 30 minutes everyone in the class were able to draw a 3D house and showing to each other. It was really a exciting moment. They all were so excited that they asked when is the next class is going to be held and Nagendra Shrestha informed them that it will be in about a months time and he will inform everyone.

After the session there was a question answer time and Anshu gave beautiful answers to the queries.

After one hour 45 minutes the session was concluded by the General Secretary Mr Nagendra Shrestha thanking all the participants and the star of the day Anshu Suwal and all parents for allowing children to join this beautiful session and promised we will meet soon.



छुटाउनुभयो कि?

तीन पुस्ता पछि गैर आवासीय नेपाली नागरिकता के हुने? स्पष्टता चाहियो

जिपिके फाउण्डेशनद्वारा सम्पादक निरौला लगायतलाई सम्मान पत्र प्रदान

अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति चुनाव एक दृष्टि

राहदानी(पासपोर्ट) विनाको गैरआवासीय नागरिकताको औचित्य के ?

सुत्ने, उठ्ने, खाने समयलगायत प्राकृतिक जीवन शैली बिताए कोरोना जस्ता भाइरसबाट बचिने

‘एनआरएनएमा बिशेष अधिवेशनको औचित्य छैन’ – संस्थापक सचिव ढकाल

‘पपुलिष्ट एजेण्डाले एनआरएनए कब्जा गर्ने नियत’ – केन्द्रिय सल्लाहकार विश्व पण्डित

नेपाली जनसम्पर्क समिती यूरोपको पुनर्जन्म !? पृष्ठभूमि, पार्टीगत हक र अधिकार

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