Dental Care and Covid-19

– Binu Lamichhane Ghimire (Practice Manager)

I, Binu Lamichhane Ghimire currently working as a practice manager in dental practice based in Harrow weald. I can proudly say that I have been chosen as a Mrs Nepal UK 2018 and Mrs Universe Divine 2019.

In this difficult situation our practice is trying to help the public as much as we can. We haven’t closed the practice fully.

Following the guidelines set by NHS England we have been triaging all the emergencies patients by phone. We have been following 3A which means advice, analgesia and antibiotic. We give all the advice over the phone depending upon the Symptoms. Ask them to take pain killers if it’s not helping the we have been calling dentists to write prescription for them. Everyday day we have dentist on duty to do phone consultation if needed. Being a qualified and registered nurse, I try my best to give guide the patients as I can. If 3A is not helping them we direct them to 111 or call guys hospital or Eastman dental hospital as they are seeing emergencies by walk in.

Let me discuss few scenarios here:

  1. I have lost the filling material and every time I eat it is very uncomfortable and can be painful sometimes?

– I am really sorry we won’t be able to see face to face we are only training over the phone . You can get temporary dental filling material from pharmacy and boots. Please get it and patch it with that till we open fully. If your pain is getting worse and if you develop swelling please call us immediately, we will prescribe antibiotic.

  1. I have been experiencing lots of pain what shall I do?

– Please manage with paracetamol if you can. And also keep doing warm saltwater rinses as much as you can. As this help to reduce any swelling and ease pain as well. Also try home remedy using clove oil.

  1. I had pain for last few weeks and now I have develop swelling on it what shall I do?

– If the Pts is our patients then we immediately call dentist to come to practice and write prescription for antibiotic. And also advise Pt if the swelling is getting bigger and affecting your eye or having difficulty in breathing then visit A&E.

This is the type of questions we have been triaging over the phone.

We make record of all this Pts and give them call after 5 days to see if they are ok or not. This is how we have been dealing emergencies at the moment. Thank you all and stay safe.



छुटाउनुभयो कि?

तीन पुस्ता पछि गैर आवासीय नेपाली नागरिकता के हुने? स्पष्टता चाहियो

जिपिके फाउण्डेशनद्वारा सम्पादक निरौला लगायतलाई सम्मान पत्र प्रदान

अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति चुनाव एक दृष्टि

राहदानी(पासपोर्ट) विनाको गैरआवासीय नागरिकताको औचित्य के ?

सुत्ने, उठ्ने, खाने समयलगायत प्राकृतिक जीवन शैली बिताए कोरोना जस्ता भाइरसबाट बचिने

‘एनआरएनएमा बिशेष अधिवेशनको औचित्य छैन’ – संस्थापक सचिव ढकाल

‘पपुलिष्ट एजेण्डाले एनआरएनए कब्जा गर्ने नियत’ – केन्द्रिय सल्लाहकार विश्व पण्डित

नेपाली जनसम्पर्क समिती यूरोपको पुनर्जन्म !? पृष्ठभूमि, पार्टीगत हक र अधिकार

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